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Help — 2nd baby shopping list

Adapted from

3 Must Haves

  • Car seat – will use Afya’s while need to get a new stage 2/3 one..
  • Stroller that can push around car seat – must haves? not in my book. Stroller needs to be reclinable, and can face rear. Need one to replace our old bebe confort.. or maybe not if we can find someone to fix the hinges. I’d do it myself if I’m not feeling to pregnant and have the right tools.
  • Breast Pump – Yes, got the medela mini-e already


  • 3 big-enough receiving blankets – bought really nice flannels with boy friendly print (or at least I think) but haven’t got around sewing it yet.
  • Diaper Champ – No thanks
  • Newborn sleep place – will re-use Afya’s moses basket, but will be nice if I can find a co-sleeper..
  • Pack and Play sheets – got them I think.. but am getting another more portable pack and play. really hate afya’s incredibly heavy and bulky pack n play..
  • Swingbouncy seat, both – got the traditional buaian.. in case I just have to use it.. Also got plenty of materials that can be used as hammock.. hehe
  • Bathtub – Got it.. must check if there’s any mould…
  • Diaper bag – I never really needed one.. coz only need to carry a change of diaper, wet bag and clothes around. One great thing about breastfeeding..
  • Link-a-doos toy clips – must sort out Afya’s toy for the 38th time this year..
  • My Brest Friend nursing pillow – Does this really help? Used different sized pillows when breastfeeding Afya previously.. If it does, I think I’ll get one.
  • Baby monitor – no thank you.. house too tiny
  • Crib – pack and play doubles as a crib that you don’t really use..
  • Mattress – need to see if Afya’s one is still good..
  • Crib Sheets – probably need 1 more
  • Mobile for crib – um.. the one thing we didn’t get for afya.. haha.. should we get one this time around? just for the sake of it? make one?


  • Mobile for above the changing table – What changing table?.. hehe
  • Extra changing pad – Yes.. definitely necessary
  • Changing pad covers – Nope
  • Fluffy bath towel – Yes need adequately fluffy towels
  • Sun shades for car windows – tinting is better
  • Bottle drying rack – got it.. but probably won’t be using it..
  • Cage for bottle bits and pacifiers – Wonder if this boy will take pacifiers..
  • Fancy burp cloths from RatzerFratzer – I love the plain ol nappy for this purpose..
  • Bumper, dust ruffle – Not for us too..
  • Glider/Rocker – Got it.. must wash in though
  • Coordinating furniture – nevermind…


  • Clothing – I’d still get some that I really adore
  • Toys – we have too many of these already!!


Or stuff to have on hand so you’re not running out to the store for the first couple weeks when you should be resting and bonding.

Health and Hygiene

  • Nail clippers – Need this
  • Digital thermometer – might wanna get that forehead thermometer thing..
  • Washcloths – Got it..
  • Burp cloths – I want to get more of those plain ol nappies..
  • Baby Tylenol, Baby Orajel, Baby Mylicon, Gripe Water – I trust Gripe Water
  • Baby shampoo and bodywash – bought a bottle.. will need more eventually
  • Diaper Rash Ointment, – Oh, dun have this..
  • Homeopathic teething tablets – what’s this?
  • Purell – I like the idea of placing hand sanitisers all over..
  • Pacifiers – will get a pair…

Mama Wellness and Happiness

  • Huge maxi pads – will stock up on cloth pads
  • Disposable breast pads – will stock up on cloth pads too
  • Nipple cream – I got this.. hope it’s not expired yet
  • Beer – what?!
  • Bendy straws and gatorade – gatorade here not as good

Duh… Diapers! — dun wanna touch this subject yet.. but plan to use the good ol plain nappy with covers for earlier months.

Oh yeah, Feeding the baby

  • – will do my best to breastfeed all the way…


  • Cooking – hoping my confinement lady cooks good food too
  • Cleaning – yes.. once a week I suppose..
  • Home Doula – confinement lady?
  • Massage – I prefer if they come to the house.. but looks like I’d need to go to the massage lady
  • Classes – I’ll continue attending my playgroup after confinement, insyaAllah


  • High chair or booster/ feeding chair – just use Afya’s
  • Sign language books and dvd
  • Feeding bowls, spoons, bibs (that are easy to clean!)
  • Leapstart activity table – necessary?
  • Jumperoo or Exersaucer entertainment pod – nice to have.. but not necessary I suppose…


  • Car seat – with all that time on road I need/prefer new..
  • Crib mattres – umm.. new
  • Mechanical breastpump – medela mini-e’s lifespan is quite short. So it’s better to get new…

I think I want bumbo seat.. let me know if you’re letting go one coz dun mind if it’s used.. hmm.. baby carriers are not in the list.. curious..

Anything being missed out? Getting some shopping done this weekend hopefully… I think I need to write my own shopping list rather than just adapting the existing ones..


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