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Philips Airfryer : the first try

I just got an airfryer today at the introductory price of RM999 in Ipoh

I was busy sewing so I couldn’t prepare a dish from scratch so we tried it out with frozen bergedil (potato cutlets)

Sorry for the poor photos and video, I had to rush this through ;p

this is it with the baking tray and pad removed.

initial wash was simple enough. I didn’t have the time to let it dry on the drying rack so I wiped it dry with towel

It comes with manual, 2 recipe books which I managed to skim through them yesterday and they contain most things that I would love to try and look simple enough with <10 ingredients. However most of the dishes are potato based. That’s a win considering I love potatoes. There’s even a guide to make rosti! God how much I love rosti!

There’s also a separator, if you intend to cook two items and dun want them touching

this shows the baking tray and the pan. It is separated with a press of the button near my thumb there. Gotta make sure you release this latch over countertop, otherwise the bottom part will detach and crush your toes!

“Look Ma, no (added) oil!”

this is how you load the baking tray into the unit. I forgot to take a picture of the bergedil before it was cooked. anyways.. I just scatter them in the basket and drizzle the bits over them.. I didn’t even defrost them coz like I said I was in a rush hehe.

The rear. The black square thing is the air vent. Notice how neat the power socket is?

Well you probably have guessed that it’s doing its thing now. Green light means it’s switched on, orange indicates that the heating is on. So if you want to preheat this thing, you start it up with the temperature you require and set the time for 3 mins. When the orange indicator is off, then it’s pre-heated. I skipped this process and just set the thing for 10mins a little less than 160 degree, which was indicated on the bergedil packaging if you were to cook it with an oven.. (if I remember correctly)

This is the sound level.. like water kettle I would say…

Not really a good video to show you the noise.. I should have started taking the video before I switch it on.. but well.. I’ll do over if anyone requests for it.

voila! It looks cooked. I was skeptical coz we didn’t defrost it.. It doesn’t really looked cooked.. just slightly browner on the outside.. but it almost burnt DH’s fingers as he tried to taste it LOL

piping hot and cooked through and through..

ok, what’s most impressive is.. the serdak2 if you notice with the bergedil? How do I explain serdak in english? Anyways, the serdak is super crunchy and delicious!!!! without oil drenching out of them of course! Like magic! (to quote @yumyumx)

Therefore on the first try.. I would easily give this a 10. seriously. The bergedil turned out as delicious.

I will try to make my kids’ typical lunch tomorrow.. nasi with ikan goreng and sayur.. (yes my kids can eat quite simple at times) so I will attempt to use this to buat ikan goreng (with kunyit and garam) and we’ll see how it goes.

My in-laws have tried using this since last week and from what they say, I can make a theory that this thing can fry anything but drippy batter. drippy batter will make it difficult to clean coz it will stick to the tray and bottom part of the pan.

It claims to be able to cook brownies too. We’ll try that someday.

If you have anything specific you would like me to try.. let me know.. I’m gonna try all the dishes that I used to have to deep fry for my kids for starters.. and hopefully it does its job

thanks mum for the lovely present!

disclaimer: if you bought it and dun like it, it’s not my fault :p

you may want to check this out for more ideas on what you can cook with the airfryer


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