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Starting fresh

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Watch “Los Campesinos – You! Me! Dancing!” on YouTube

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Wow. Traveling Morocco with a Baby

This video has a really good concise info on things you need to know when you’re traveling with a baby 😉 I wish to make videos like this too Insyaallah

An attempt to put more colours into my blog

More Portraits

Vlog: What I got from Pavilion for the ‘in-flight spa’

I’m still new to this, I got distracted and forgot to mention how much I hate my skin after taking any flights. It becomes like scaly! Gosh.. eyes red shot and dry. Naturally the previous video by Lisa Eldrige that I put up recently intrigues me. Do know tho that generally pun I dun have good skin so this is more of something relaxing for me to do on the flight kinda thing 😉

Drink Up Intensive

A Perfect World for Eyes

Teint Miracle

i get samples: cleansing milk and rejuv serum

always ask for samples!! I forgot to ask at lancome *face palm*