The first to queue the last in line, takes own sweet time


Spur of the moment 45mm lens

It was last couple of weeks when I decided that I don’t need the 45mm lens. We were hopping from one camera shop to another last night and ended up at the camera shop on the LG floor of Empire Gallery.. wanting to buy a second spare battery but ended up not buying it coz the price wasn’t right. Then my palm itches to try the 45mm that was casually displayed at the store along with other m4/3 lenses that I am quite familiar with.

I wasn’t quite impressed at first. Shutter speed was almost the same as my lumix 20mm…

I have to step further to take a portrait shot.. (boo..)

The SA said you can be further to take a good portrait shot like it’s a positive thing. It suddenly hits me that there are times when you don’t want to to get too close to get a shot. I do have to be ‘in your face’ with the camera all the time when I intend to take portraits of my kids, and they are always very aware of what I’m doing and run off..  I lost the composition.

then he added.. watch for the focus speed… and I did.. and I just got to have it.

Enough said.

Time: Waaaaay pass bedtime



Travel by train


Couple of days stretch


Eid Mubarak!!


Love for this year’s raya photo is too damn high. Haha!



Salam Ramadhan

Fasting starts tomorrow. Feels quite surreal but ya it’s tomorrow. I am not prepared. We’ve been going jalan2 a bit so that we can stay put during the fasting month, but we didn’t prepare ourself for what’s essential.. spiritual. I have today, hope it’s not to late. I have managed to clear plenty of pending orders so I don’t have to rush so much this month and concentrate on enriching Ramadhan.. tapi macam tak berapa nak clear jugak. Still feel like I dun have enough time. This must be the challenge I have to face. Bring it on.

Only 58 days until we leave for Morocco. I’m getting more nervous and anxious each day. Salih getting all excited about rice and the act of asking for rice everyday also throws me off. Every meal time he’s like RAAIIISSSS!!!! RAAAIIISSS!!! *hands in the air*

Afya is not helping too. She asks for noodles everyday.. I’m always afraid that we can’t get food that they’ll eat or we can’t get them to eat right, balanced, enough. Worry worry worry. Otherwise.. I think we are all pretty set.

All that’s left to do is to pack and see how much our luggage weighs.

This Ramadhan I can only hope for one thing. That it will distract me long enough, forget the anxieties.. then after Eid, I’ll start worrying again. Hehe.

May we all come out a better muslim. Amin!