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Packing list

Travelling with family of 2 adults, a 5yo and <2yo for 30days

2yo still breastfeeding and in diapers

First Aid

  • Paracetamol for adults
  • Neurofen for kids
  • antihistamine
  • plaster
  • tummy ache medicine
  • diarrhoea meds
  • chi kit teon (sp?)
  • minyak cap kapak
  • charcoal
  • lozenges
  • lucas paw paw
  • vapour rub
  • ORS


  • Shampoo for me
  • make up bag
  • flight ‘spa’
  • contact lenses
  • Top to toe for kids
  • lotion for kids
  • Sunblock
  • Toothbrushes and tooth pastes
  • Mini hair brush
  • Hair clips and ties
  • Facial wash
  • Diapers – whole bag
  • Wipes
  • SNUGG Diaper Clutch
  • Laundry detergent
  • 2x microfibre towels

Documents, Printouts and Copies

  • Passports, ID and drivers license/permit (and copies)
  • Flight/Train/Ferry tickets
  • Hotel reservations
  • Car Hires


  • Olympus PEN + spare battery + charger + spare memory + 45mm/kitlens/20mm
  • Gorillapod
  • S2 + spare battery + charger
  • iPhone + charger
  • iPod
  • iPad + car holder
  • car charger adapter
  • notebook + light charger
  • luggage scale
  • travel adapter


  • 5 days worth
  • swimsuits
  • warm jacket
  • light jacket
  • hats + beanies + gloves
  • socks
  • Rollasole as spare
  • clothes line


  • small compact food containers
  • cutleries
  • collapsible water bottle
  • small axion (dishwashing paste) and tawashi
  • instant noodles and brahims
  • my coffee and keep
  • bag clip


  • Stork Toddler AHI + silver sharpie
  • Bebe Sachi Wrap
  • Stork sample
  • MacLaren Volo
  • Baby seat for Salih
  • Boostapak for Afya
  • Neck pillow for all


  • Money belt x2
  • beach toys/small toys
  • foldable shopping bags x3
  • umbrella

Remember to:

  • activate atm cards and credit cards
  • clear fridge
  • store away valuables
  • complete shutdown except CCTVs and router

Flabbergasted at 1 a.m.

It took 15 mins to think of a way to explain how this entry is not meant to be an ad.. or the 'masuk bakul angkat sendiri', or 'publisiti murahan' then i thot.. hey.. it's my blog.. I dun need to explain everything.

Anyways.. the real story is that tonight I finished sewing my first (paid) customer's mei tai and it was hard for me to think that I'm going to part with it. My customer has chosen a very good body panel/straps combination.. and the MT turned out too good to be true! Hehehe. It's soooo my colour. I wish I can use it to carry LO and take few pictures before I ship it off but then it's the customer's.. so.. must maintain hygiene.

I'm still deciding whether or not to sew another one with the same color combi for myself.. but I think I dun have the time with the prep for workshop n walk… nahh.. just dun have much spare time these days.

Anyways… since I can't wear and cam whore with Afya.. I took photos of it

loyal subject a.k.a. pillow wearing the mei taifoldedlet's get a little closerloyal subject poses :pSNUGGbaby official label that screams handmadethe colour combinationclose uperr.. another close upanother one of the labelshoulder paddings

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I’m such a psycho

maybe u already know and I didn''t have to remind you that (I'm psycho) but I actually made this… really…

I wanted to make something else so I was looking for the all red material I bought before I came back for UK and I couldn't find it. Instead I found this maroon leftovers from kicciripp's bedroom curtain. From the photos I see on the web and estimations, I made this SSC from scratch. As usual.. not 100% done there's still tweaking I need to do.. here and there… I can't say for sure if I got it right coz I dun feel very comfy maybe coz I've never really done back carry before and Afya won't stop squirming if I stand still. It made me really nervous. I also think I need a firmer padding for the waistband. So…. if/when I get this right.. want a custom made one for yourself? hehehe..

whaddayakno.. afya is kinda big.. no wonder i feel nervoustadaaaa...

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babywearers UNITE!

hehehe.. suddenly I have flashes of captain planet and the planeteers LOL

So I met wiera today. She's one of the malaysian babywearers admin and gosh when I say these forummers are helpful it's an understatement really!

She came over to my place with her DD (so cute! toddlers are especially hilarious when they play together). She first brought out her kozy (mei tai), beco (*SSC), and custom made ringsling. They are SOOOO gorgeous. I especially like the beco carrier, she made it look so effortless using it. She suggested that if I wanted to get an SSC, I should get Alpino baby carrier coz they are very lightweight. Then I invited her for some snack. Little did I know, she has more slings/wraps to show me.. haha.

Next she showed me her wraps. I love the materials. I wish that they are available here. There was one which is rather thick tho'. Of course it's for cooler climate. One was a wrap with soft pink and grey stripes which has caught my eyes. Very sweet. Hmm.. dang.. I forgot the brand… should have taken pictures…

I gathered up enough courage to try the mei tai. Unfortunately Afya was rather uncooperative, my confidence flushed down the drain. At least I know how supportive these back carriers are. Afya felt almost weightless but seriously I was really afraid she might somehow pop out (she's squirming!) of the carrier and fall, of course I was just being paranoid.

I think I will consider an SCC if pouch starting to fail me. So far Afya is pretty much content with sitting in the pouch snugly. Like I told elly, I can't leave the pouch lying around or she'll scream and beg for me to carry her around in it. Wiera's DD was doing that too at one point so it seems that babywearing is fun for the little ones too.

Special thanks to wiera!

*soft structured carriers

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Re: Baby carriers [SOLD!]

I made the mistake of dozing off while nap nursing afya during her afternoon nap and now it's almost 2 a.m. and I'm nowhere near slumberland.

Before, at this hour the LO might just stir herself out of sleep and want a quick snack but now that she's 10 m.o. she's been a very good sleeper for quite a number of days now. I do miss our quiet midnight snack together. It's time to move on. She'll only get more independent so I have to get myself used to changes. They say weaning is going to be tougher on the mother than the baby.. I foresee that it's going to be true… oh so true.

So the LO has outgrown her carrier about a month ago. I was thinking of selling off her carrier if anyone would be interested because it's still in a very2 good condition.


So as u can see, I bought it in Parkson, Pavilion to be exact.. can't remember exactly when but I think it's 2nd/3rd day of the last aidilfitr. I've used it numerous times (about 10 times usually in malls when Afya just dun wanna sit in her stroller) but never stained it, washed it once before I repacked it.. I still got the box, instruction manual and the plastic bag that comes with it.. (I myself find this pretty amazing) It has one snagged thread that u can see in pic #3 which is a very minor flaw. I've never used the bip that comes with it. I kinda love this baby carrier coz it's really comfy and it fits me really well but i really could use some moolah to upgrade. So, I'm only letting it go for RM120. I think.. try negotiate.

I tried looking for the same model in chicco website for the product feature but this is the closest match and the description is pretty much the same.

  • Soft, breathable lining gives baby a cool, padded, comfortable ride
  • Unique cuddle pocket lets baby feel your comforting touch
  • Mesh side panels increase ventilation and comfort
  • Adjustable padded straps for proper fit and shoulder comfort
  • Machine washable fabric for easy care and maintenance
  • Snap-on towel protects clothes from dribbles and drools
  • Recomended for use with 7.5 to 25 lb baby

edit: I'll be in KL this weekend 18th-20th in case anyone wants to arrange for COD otherwise I'm in Ipoh

[edit]edit: IJRT I left out contact details. duh! so.. send me your contact number to my mailbox and I'll get to you as soon as possible

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