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What’s in my bag!

Meriahnya.. #whatsinmybag #packing

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An attempt to put more colours into my blog


I have uploaded all pictures taken with the e-p1 (by DH mostly) on my facebook page. I’ll be uploading here some of the photos I took with the N8



Taken at thistle’s elevator

New Toy

Am just writing this as an attempt to try out the wordpress app on the ipad.. And.. Wanna share a photo of babywearing…

I would want a free mei tai… wouldn’t u?

SNUGGbaby is holding a blog giveaway, winner gets a mei tai. Yea the same one i wore LO with in Langkawi only u'll be able to choose your own colours.

read more about it

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Fav photo of the week

I think OH's photography skills has really improved…

There's an old saying 'anak dara tak elok dok kat tangga/depan pintu nanti something something (cannot remember)…'
It doesn't apply to me anymore.. so I'm free to pose at tangga.. ot at the pintu.. and block everyone's way… hahahaha.. oh but wait.. the rule still applies to the budak kecik

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we’re here

How I resized my pouch

I have two hotslings.. one size 4 (tattoo) and the other 3 (sweet pea). The first one I bought was a bit loose.. but it's wearable but then I lost ~5kilos.. it became uncomfortably loose. so I bought the other one and it fits really well. As of late.. it kinda feel like it's loose too.. Nevermind that.. this is about how I resized the black one.

difference about 2" in lengthturn it inside out and iron it flat to ease sewingsew a straight lineopen up and iron flat againsew yet another straight linethis is how it looks like when it's donenow they are both the same sizetry out with that sleepy budak kecikwith hip carry, the seam is at the back just off the shoulder

err.. click on photos for instructions.. malas nak copy/paste. I dun wanna cut it to resize coz this way, I can always get it back to previous size just by removing the 2 straight stitches.. in case I accidentally grow bigger.. or get pregnant again..

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I’m such a psycho

maybe u already know and I didn''t have to remind you that (I'm psycho) but I actually made this… really…

I wanted to make something else so I was looking for the all red material I bought before I came back for UK and I couldn't find it. Instead I found this maroon leftovers from kicciripp's bedroom curtain. From the photos I see on the web and estimations, I made this SSC from scratch. As usual.. not 100% done there's still tweaking I need to do.. here and there… I can't say for sure if I got it right coz I dun feel very comfy maybe coz I've never really done back carry before and Afya won't stop squirming if I stand still. It made me really nervous. I also think I need a firmer padding for the waistband. So…. if/when I get this right.. want a custom made one for yourself? hehehe..

whaddayakno.. afya is kinda big.. no wonder i feel nervoustadaaaa...

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The other Hotslings


This design was the first to catch my eyes when I first dicovered hotslings but at that time there were only size S left and I wanted M. Now that the M sized tattoo design I got previously has started to feel rather loose I have a reason to get this one now. Ok.. I'm done with pouches. I already got the design that I love most. If It becomes loose again after this I think I'm getting solid colours punya pulak. These comfy joeys look really good and the prices are quite reasonable. If I were to resize the ones that I already have macam sayang pulak.. but in the future if I get pregnant again I'm sure the bigger sized ones will come in handy.

The Malaysian Babywearers Forum will be having another gathering and this time insyaAllah I'll be attending. I really need to decide on which SCC to get. I'm getting SCC mainly for OH and for long excursions. I still think I want to get Ergo but I'm pretty taken by the raves and reviews on Alpino altho I really need to see and actually try it out before investing in one. They are quite pricey. If I'm lucky I probably will be able to see the prototype of an SCC from the littlepods – reputable Malaysian Design/Made pouches. Other than that the theme is going to be on ringslings and International Baby Wearing 08. So mommies out there, u don't have to own any form of baby carriers, as long as you're interested and would like to see the range of baby carrier that are available out there, don't hesitate to drop by. You can even try them hands on, so you can decide which babywearing method suits best for you and your little one. Here's the date and venue:-

Date: Saturday, September 20, 2008
Time: 10am – 1pm
Location: Persatuan Darul Fitrah Malaysia (Damansara Perdana
Street: 9-5 (Floor 3A) Jalan PJU 8/5I, Damansara Perdana
City/Town: Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

GPS: N03 10 001, E101 36 417

Topic: "Eyes on Ring Slings and IBW08"

Join the forum or look them up in facebook for more info

sejak bila jadi diorang punye spokeperson pulak … LOL

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