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Packing list

Travelling with family of 2 adults, a 5yo and <2yo for 30days

2yo still breastfeeding and in diapers

First Aid

  • Paracetamol for adults
  • Neurofen for kids
  • antihistamine
  • plaster
  • tummy ache medicine
  • diarrhoea meds
  • chi kit teon (sp?)
  • minyak cap kapak
  • charcoal
  • lozenges
  • lucas paw paw
  • vapour rub
  • ORS


  • Shampoo for me
  • make up bag
  • flight ‘spa’
  • contact lenses
  • Top to toe for kids
  • lotion for kids
  • Sunblock
  • Toothbrushes and tooth pastes
  • Mini hair brush
  • Hair clips and ties
  • Facial wash
  • Diapers – whole bag
  • Wipes
  • SNUGG Diaper Clutch
  • Laundry detergent
  • 2x microfibre towels

Documents, Printouts and Copies

  • Passports, ID and drivers license/permit (and copies)
  • Flight/Train/Ferry tickets
  • Hotel reservations
  • Car Hires


  • Olympus PEN + spare battery + charger + spare memory + 45mm/kitlens/20mm
  • Gorillapod
  • S2 + spare battery + charger
  • iPhone + charger
  • iPod
  • iPad + car holder
  • car charger adapter
  • notebook + light charger
  • luggage scale
  • travel adapter


  • 5 days worth
  • swimsuits
  • warm jacket
  • light jacket
  • hats + beanies + gloves
  • socks
  • Rollasole as spare
  • clothes line


  • small compact food containers
  • cutleries
  • collapsible water bottle
  • small axion (dishwashing paste) and tawashi
  • instant noodles and brahims
  • my coffee and keep
  • bag clip


  • Stork Toddler AHI + silver sharpie
  • Bebe Sachi Wrap
  • Stork sample
  • MacLaren Volo
  • Baby seat for Salih
  • Boostapak for Afya
  • Neck pillow for all


  • Money belt x2
  • beach toys/small toys
  • foldable shopping bags x3
  • umbrella

Remember to:

  • activate atm cards and credit cards
  • clear fridge
  • store away valuables
  • complete shutdown except CCTVs and router

Fav photo of the week

I think OH's photography skills has really improved…

There's an old saying 'anak dara tak elok dok kat tangga/depan pintu nanti something something (cannot remember)…'
It doesn't apply to me anymore.. so I'm free to pose at tangga.. ot at the pintu.. and block everyone's way… hahahaha.. oh but wait.. the rule still applies to the budak kecik

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we’re here

… and Raya day 2


Spent the whole 2nd day at PIL's place just relax, chill, entertaining relatives and feeding Pebbles baulu. Since Afya has only 1 baju kurung.. we let her wear this one (bought by mbah) My MIL called that morning so I asked her if she wants to see her cucu in dress or jeans.. and she said the jeans and I was like YESS!.. coz I haven't got the chance to see her wearing this pair of jeans with suspenders! hehe. awwww… too cute.

After stuffing ourselves with raya goodies on day one, the chinese lunch was greatlyx1000 appreciated. Wantan, mushroom, chicken, sawi. best giler!

Btw, LO's not so much into baby einstein anymore. We let her watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. She loves doing the hot dawgg dance.

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Shabu shabu for Iftar

The day we drove back to KL for raya we tried out shabu2. OH chose Nagomi located in Jaya 33 building. I officially declare that i loooove shabu2. Should have tried this sooner.. oh wait.. many shabu2 eateries in KL are not halal. Remember that time I went to ou and I shopped and shopped in my heels while babywearing? My feet was aching like #$^%^&$ and I was looking forward to sit and have a nice soupy meal when we reached the shabu2 place we saw my MIL n SIL standing outside. humph.. tak halal laaa.. LOL… we're definitely gonna dine here at Nagomi again. OH had duck set and beef set for me. I also ordered unagi temaki.. there are 3 choices of broth.. er.. just checkout their website. I like the nagomi special broth. The spicy one.. not so much

We sat on our 'reserved' table quite last. Just couple minutes to Maghrib. So we ordered and ask for plain water first so that we could berbuka but then I guess they were clueless eventhough they claim to cater for the muslim crowd breaking fast there, our drinks came couple of minutes after the main entree, which came about 10 minutes after azan. Sabar je la

what more wierd things ur gonna feed me?the wait - hey that's our car in the backgroundramadhan promoindividual pots n controlswaitress preparing OH's duck dumplingsthat's me.. enjoying my awesome foodLO getting the hang of itcheck out the marbling. Tell me why I shouldn't just eat this rawI can still smell it3 sauces - very unique flavour especially the ponzu sauce on the rightmost

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Penang trip

sunny smile on a sunny daybathroom... notice the distance between loo and toilet paper?developing at massive proportionstower verandah has no ocean viewroom, in the tower

This time we stayed at Holiday Inn Resort, Batu Feringghi. OH wanted to collect points he said.. I have no idea what it's all about. something like loyalty card i suppose. Anyways… had no qualms with the place. No bad experience whatsoever. However can't review much coz most of the time we just stayed in our room and didn't exactly make full use of the facilities. Room was spacious with 2 double beds, a verandah. Has both shower and a bathtub. Somehow I feel like the loo was designed for orang utan.. can u see the distance between the loo and the toilet roll? LOL

lobby, on the way to the beachwaffles!bubble bath with mommypatting the horse.. along the beachclapping along the beachI saw a fish THIS BIG!running along the beachposing along the beachstrolling along the beacha scene for a japanese thriller. was trying to nap at the entertainment centerlo and behold.. an orange fruit.. orangeindian lady is the keeper/baby sitterhundreds of toys but i shall play with this stick.. and this plastic fruitgo nuts

In the late afternoon, it looked like it was gonna rain. So we went to the kids' room instead of frolicking the beach. There's babysitter service here for kids 4y.o. and up. The kids' room was quite impressive but not as huge as the one in laurel green. Good enough to keep the LO busy. Suddenly the sky cleared so we strolled the beach. We had Iftar in the room since we didn wanna rush. OH heard somewhere that the waffles are good. He must have been mistaken coz they are kinda disappointing. Nothing special with the beef burger too.

like what RM400 sekor?fried rice - *thumbs down*oyster omelette - most oil-drenched dish i'd ever havemantis prawn in black pepper saucebuttered prawnscalming the excited onedeciding on what to haveerr.. kacang parangthe restaurant

For dinner we drove to this seafood restaurant (still trying to recall the name). We have wanted to try out this place since… forever but never got the chance. Came across quite a lot of good reviews. But……. in the end it's just another disappointment. Fresh food but the hokkien style of cooking didn't really appeal to us. The first and the last. I do love the mantis prawn in black pepper dish though. That one is really hot and juicy. Complements the fleshy bits of it rather perfectly. Checkout the lobsters.. and that's actually not the biggest one there.

One thing about sahur in the hotel. First, I wasn't aware that there were set meals for sahur. Second, because of all the oily and rich food we had for dinner, I can only have hot soup if I dun wanna have to see what I had for dinner again.. hehe. The room service fellow was like.. seriously? only tomato soup? iced water only? and I's like yeah.. yeah.. that's all I want.. send them at 5 a.m. and look at what they sent instead. AAAND… the whole thing on the tray.. complementary. That's a pleasant surprise…

1st word, 5th lineher new sandals

The next day.. after checking out at 12noon (extended summore haha) we went to Gurney Drive and bought Afya and Ipanema. I think because of the in-between-toes thingie, she kinda hates it. She'll only wear it for 10mins or so b4 trying to take it off. Just like me.. I can't wear flip flops either. Although I did buy myself a white pair for another beach vacation this month.. hehe.

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How’s our Eid celebration?

by far… the most tremendous and finally, no one gave me duit raya. So… I finally look mature I guess LOL
LO's wearing her first baju kurung ever. I absolutely adore her in it. As in… used up a few gigs of compact flash with just her pictures in it. (dun worry, won't post all of 'em).. as in… I want to make her 10 pasang for raya next year! jk of course.

nothing extravagant.. it's tremendous simply because… we're happy

that's all that matters

… even happier today coz I got my laptop back. All in working condition.. it's about time… gonna update my vox with lotsa stuff cerita basi this week..

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Melaka trip photos

These pictures were taken during previous melaka trip. It was one HOT day…

Maritime MuseumMelaka Riverfront - kincir airanother view of the kincir air#1 mode of transportation - the strollerrestoration of kubu melakaStadhuyskeeping her hydratedanother viewwell taken care of foliagebecasidewalk pavement.. pretty mosaichydration is the key :Pco-travelersfountain and the clock toweranother viewencourage hydration! hehesetting up melaka world heritage awardband rehearsalshe's never letting go of the water bottleperformers waiting for their rehearsal cuethis bridge is never empty but look at itmelaka rivermelaka river tour boatlook! monitor lizard swimming acrossall the jakuns like never seen one b4 termasuk la moi LOL Jonker Walk begins or ends.. depending on where u entered fromtypical ornaments decorating Jonker walkshop keeper luring bait hehe. she's nicewell established malay restaurant - closed unfortunatelyt-shirts and printsi was trying to get a photo of the interior of the shopcheerful coloured clogs and trinketspleasing to the eye on an extremely hot dayvasalode and suchbargain clothesmaybe it's time to turn around?leong soi - air sejuk (ubat)selling weapons of the far eastit gets livelier approaching duskstreet light4 ladies and a dogtaiwanese bubble teacrowd starting to spill inTHE orang utan housefamous chicken rice balls shoproad is closedbored yet?performers waiting for yet another rehearsallet's conquer the streetsfather and daughtera fork - left or right?yes.. we own the streets hehewe DO own the streetsone last look before we partwalking awaydust yourself up and try againexcavation site a.k.a. the digsun is settingsquirming to get a dipMasjid Pulau Melaka taken from Holiday Inn's Jetty

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meet the cuzs

because they couldn't make it to the family bbq the other day we went out to get them. hehe. Had dinner in a restaurant called kasih(?Qasih) ntah. Located behind shah alam's tesco xtra. the kids were really enjoying themselves. i had fun just watching them…

Afya can't get enough of Luna's avent sippy cup16082008612again. guess which one couldn't sit stillon loaned toyThat's me!t-0.3secondsdoing their own thingthe flash is off, sweetiethe one barely fits highchair3. mengikut saizthe aftermath

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Mumzie and dadzie threw this for kicciripp coz she's leaving home soon for the higher level education. Tapi our bro couldn't make it. Tak dapat jumpa bro, k.mar, luth n luna. Tapi it's ok.. masih ramai and kecoh.. hehe

the location - backyardtable of goodies.. where are the goodies?kids will be kids - amir missing from pictureburning calories before ingesting more hi-cal foodchief chefyummy chickenchief with co-chefwhat is she doing?ladyripp in pinkbudak kecik yang comotI luv this photoladiesorang lain makan daging Afya makan paper cupwish i had brought back sum of the leftovers...cheery little girl

Here's what we used for marinade

 - ginger juice, garlic, oyster sauce, corn flour, honey

Lamb Shoulders
– thyme, rosemary, olive oil, worchestershire sauce, salt n peppa

– honey n pineapple

Other dishes that night includes:
– french fries
– buttered rice
– sweet n sour chicken
– konyaku jelly
– fruit salad
– k.long's famous cheese cake.. so famous that she memorised the recipe already.

I guess this family barbeque is becoming an annual thing kan?

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