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What’s in my bag!

Meriahnya.. #whatsinmybag #packing

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An attempt to put more colours into my blog

Photos from the ee-2

These are the first and only batch that I have ever developed from the ee-2

I still haven’t been able to finish the second roll

I am very clueless on the technicalities of this camera and what kind of shots it’s actually best for. Being so used to auto focus point and shoot since forever i wonder sometimes how it focus. But from the developed pictures, it seems like it doesn’t focus? I dunno.. u tell me.

This is suppose to be a half-framed camera, but when i received my printed copy, each photos were printed on 4Rs. I think that contributes to some loss of details.. tapi.. it’s not like we’re talking in pixels right? So yes i am clueless.

The guy who developed this set told me that the camera is in good condition. I probably need to use flash. Yes i believe him up to some extent.

Right. Itching to finish the second roll. Get that developed and emphasise on how i want the pictures to be in 2s  😉